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It was in the machine's interests to only maintain a minimally winning amount of support. Once they were in the majority and could count on a win, there was less need to recruit new members, as this only meant a thinner spread of the patronage rewards to be spread among the party members. As such, later-arriving immigrants, such as Jews, Italians, and other immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe between the s and s, saw fewer rewards from the machine system than the well-established Irish.

The corruption of urban politics in the United States was denounced by private citizens. They achieved national and state civil-service reform and worked to replace local patronage systems with civil service.

By Theodore Roosevelt 's time, the Progressive Era mobilized millions of private citizens to vote against the machines. In the s, James A. Farley was the chief dispenser of the Democratic Party's patronage system through the Post Office and the Works Progress Administration which eventually nationalized many of the job benefits machines provided. All patronage was screened through Farley, including presidential appointments.

The New Deal machine fell apart after he left the administration over the third term in Those agencies were abolished in and the machines suddenly lost much of their patronage.

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The formerly poor immigrants who had benefited under Farley's national machine had become assimilated and prosperous and no longer needed the informal or extralegal aides provided by machines. Smaller communities such as Parma, Ohio , in the post—Cold War Era under Prosecutor Bill Mason's "Good Old Boys" and especially communities in the Deep South, where small-town machine politics are relatively common, also feature what might be classified as political machines, although these organizations do not have the power and influence of the larger boss networks listed in this article.

For example, the "Cracker Party" was a Democratic Party political machine that dominated city politics in Augusta, Georgia , for over half of the 20th century. The phrase is considered derogatory "because it suggests that the interest of the organization are placed before those of the general public", according to Safire. Machines are criticized as undemocratic and inevitably encouraging corruption.

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Since the s, some historians have reevaluated political machines, considering them corrupt but efficient. Machines were undemocratic but responsive. They were also able to contain the spending demands of special interests. Daley the political power to deny labor union contracts that the city could not afford and to make the state government assume burdensome costs like welfare and courts. Judd and Todd Swanstrom suggest in City Politics that this view accompanied the common belief that there were no viable alternatives.

They go on to point out that this is a falsehood, since there are certainly examples of reform oriented, anti-machine leaders during this time. In his mid article "How American Politics Went Insane" in The Atlantic , Jonathan Rauch argued that the political machines of the past had flaws but provided better governance than the alternatives. He wrote that political machines created positive incentives for politicians to work together and compromise — as opposed to pursuing "naked self-interest" the whole time.

Japan's Liberal Democratic Party is often cited as another political machine, maintaining power in suburban and rural areas through its control of farm bureaus and road construction agencies. Japanese political factional leaders are expected to distribute mochidai , literally snack-money, meaning funds to help subordinates win elections. Supporters ignore wrongdoing to collect the benefits from the benefactor, such as money payments distributed by politicians to voters in weddings, funerals, New year parties among other events.

Political ties are held together by marriages between the families of elite politicians.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the game, see The Political Machine. Political science portal. Retrieved December 6, Safire's Political Dictionary First ed.

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Random House. The MIT Press. Ed Flynn ran the Bronx from until his death in American Government. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Evanston: McDougall Littell Inc. The American Journal of Sociology.

PDF 5 Simple Money Machines that Pay You Over and Over – After Doing the Work JUST ONE TIME!

The political machine is in fact an attempt to maintain, inside the formal administrative organization of the city, the control of a primary group. September When the spoils element is predominant in a political organization, it is called a political machine. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

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The Works of Theodore Roosevelt: American ideals. Erie U of California Press. Historian 23 1 : 54— The case of municipal civil service reform". American Journal of Political Science. The Augusta Chronicle. August 29, Retrieved 13 November Archived from the original on February 12, Retrieved March 11, The New Georgia Encyclopedia. Archived from the original on March 24, By: L J Samuels.

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