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Despite the scary name, this is a lovely wildflower native to our Eastern meadows that draws butterflies and birds.

One especially showy variety, E. Use as a tall anchor in a perennial bed or as a temporary screen, since stems die back to the ground in winter. Requires full sun; average to abundant water. Pink to purple daisy-like flowers about 4 inches across cover this perennial from mid-summer into autumn.

The plant is especially hardy and unfussy, and you can divide clumps after several years to get new plants. The flowers draw butterflies and last well as cut flowers. With large, easy-to-plant seeds and magnificently showy flowers, sunflowers are perhaps the perfect flower for kids to grow. Classic single-stem kinds such as 'Mammoth Russian' and 'Russian Giant' grow feet tall and produce plate-size flowers with edible seeds.

Summer’s In Bloom

Newer, shorter kinds include 'Ring of Fire," which is about feet tall and has 5-inch flowers that work in a vase, and 'Sunspot,' which grows just 2 feet tall. Sunflower blooms face the sun, so choose a bed where the sun will be behind you. These perky yellow or orange flowers really light up a garden bed.

The plant's distinctive should we say strong? Marigolds are great as cut flowers, too. But many other marigolds look more like daisies, with just a row or two of petals around a dark center.

Spring-Planted Flower Bulbs | Summer-Blooming Flower Bulbs | High Country Gardens

Skip to main content. Now trending on TOH. More From TOH. Get Ready for 4th of July Weekend. Blooms You Can Bet On. View as slideshow. Perennial Hibiscus H. Requires full sun; regular water. Profusion Zinnias Z.

More Summer Blooming Plants

Globe Amaranth Gomphrena globosa. Sea Holly Eryngium. Stella de Oro Daylily Hermerocallis.

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Set out 4-inch starts of spring- and summer-blooming flowers such as alstroemeria, columbine, delphinium, foxglove, poppies, salvias, scabiosa, sweet peas, and yarrow. Summer-blooming plants, on the other hand, do not carry flower buds over winter, so they are pruned in the spring to shape plants and control new growth. Your gardening answers; Relax, that pruning can wait till spring. Spring-flowering shrubs such as lilacs, bridal wreath spirea, forsythia, and the summer-blooming blue and pink hydrangeas bloom on old wood," explains Myers.

Winter care for houseplants.

The Basics of Planting Annuals

The gardens also include more than 30 varieties of lilac as well as several summer-blooming magnolias. More than 50 residents have said 'yes please' to the brightly coloured hanging baskets, which will be re-filled in the spring with summer-blooming flowers. We used to just admire beautiful blooms, or enjoy their fragrance — but now we are looking at them in a whole new way: as food.

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Britons are increasingly taking a leaf out of the recipe books of Michelin-starred chefs and Great British Bake Off contestants by using edible flowers in salads, cakes and cocktails. Jan Billington, who runs Maddocks Farm Organics in Devon, says her farm cannot grow enough nasturtiums, cornflowers and roses to meet demand from wedding-cake makers and artisans perfecting chocolate, tea and gin recipes.

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I think social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have a huge influence and people want their dishes to look as pretty as possible. Billington says fresh edible flowers are in huge demand from foodies because of the powerful flavours and colours they are able to create with them.