Caring for Ferrets

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The solid sides prevent the flow of air and makes it a poor habitat for ferrets.

Make sure that any cage that you select has a solid, secure latch. Ferrets are accomplished escape artists and can lift latches unless they are complex. Line the floor of the cage with carpet. Cut down a piece of washable carpet to fit on the bottom of the cage. This will give your ferret a soft cage surface. If the carpet gets dirty, simply pull it out and wash it. Cut them down to size as you would with carpet. If this happens, replace the carpet with tiles.

Looking after and caring for a ferret

Put a litter box into the cage. Look for a cardboard or plastic litter pan. It should be about 3 to 5 inches 7. Some litter pans come with small latches that you can use to attach it to the side of the cage. These are available at your local pet store. Use a scooper to remove any soiled litter from the box. Pull out the cage carpet and wash it on a warm setting. Take out any hammocks or bedding and wash them as well. Wipe down any toys and the cage bars with a natural cleaner. Method 1 Quiz Why should you avoid housing your ferret in an aquarium?

Your ferret may bump into the glass. Glass overheats in the sun. Ferrets have an easy time escaping from aquariums. The air flow is bad. Method 2. Obtain suitable feeding containers. You will need 2 ceramic bowls: 1 for food and 1 for water. Each dish should hold at least 8 ounces of food or water. Pet stores sell dishes that can be attached to the side of the cage to minimize spills. This will help to keep algae from developing. Give your ferret a diet with both animal proteins and fats. Look for a quality dry ferret food that contains ingredients at these levels.

You can also talk with your vet about using high-quality kitten food as well. Avoid giving your ferret fresh fruits or vegetables. And, ferrets have been known to choke on raw vegetables.

Know These 10 Ferret Care Tips

Keep in mind that ferrets need to eat about 8 to 10 times per day because they process food so quickly. Provide fresh water every day. Fill up your ferret's water bowl and bottle with room temperature water each day. If the water is too cold, then your ferret will stop drinking and could risk dehydration. If it snaps back, like the skin of the back of your hand does, then your ferret is healthy. If the skin takes a while to flatten or sticks up straight, take your ferret to a vet for possible dehydration.

Method 2 Quiz Which makes a great meal for a ferret? Boiled egg Absolutely! Fresh apple Definitely not! Raw broccoli Nope!

Dog kibble Not quite! Method 3. Take your ferret for annual vet visits. Like most other animals, ferrets need to be checked out by a vet at least yearly. At these visits your vet will do a general physical check-up of your ferret. They will also ask you if your ferret has been suffering from any health or behavioral problems. Many jurisdictions require these shots for domestic pets. Train your ferret to use the litter box. Watch to see where your ferret goes to the restroom when in the cage. Place the litter box in this same location. Then, put a few fresh droppings into the box, so that it smells like a restroom for your ferret.

Most ferrets will quickly start using the box. Hold your ferret with 2 hands at all times. Ferrets might seem like sturdy little creatures, but they are actually quite fragile. When you pick up or hold your ferret, place 1 hand underneath its chest and use another to cup its hindquarters.


Speak in low, soft tones to your ferret. Because of their acute sense of hearing, you are likely to cause your ferret to panic if you raise your voice.

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This can make them wiggle, or even try to bite you, if they are being held. Instead, make a habit of using a calm, soothing voice when interacting with your ferret. This is a great way to build trust. Give your ferret time outside of its cage. When ferrets are awake, they are extremely curious and interested in their surroundings. Let your ferret roam around a ferret-proofed room or space for at least a few hours each day. Make sure that you supervise this time, just in case your ferret gets into trouble.

5 Mistakes New Ferret Owners Make

Remove any medications or other substances which could poison your ferret. Put away small items, such as remotes, which if broken could constitute a choking hazard.

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Provide a variety of hard plastic toys both inside and outside the cage. Ferrets can chew through rubber or fabric toys quite easily. Whiffle golf balls, baby rattles, or even Nylabones are safer options that last longer.

Caring for a Ferret

Wipe down toys with a clean wet rag about once per week as well. Play with your ferret for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Ferrets are highly intelligent and thrive on human contact. Playing with your ferret can be as simple as gently rolling a few plastic balls in front of it. Or, you can get more elaborate and teach your ferret to come when called, roll over, or even fetch.