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He added: "The Republic are also recognising the importance and responsible role the pub and restaurant industry plays in society and the tourism offer. While price hikes will be targeted at the cheapest alcohol, they predict a "laddering" effect that will see prices on premium products also rise. He added: "The negative consequences are placing a huge strain on the health and social care system here, whilst our pubs are closing at an alarming rate, yet, we still do nothing about it.

Minimum unit pricing will mean each drink sold in a shop is measured by the grammes of alcohol it contains. Major retailers will be forced to ensure any drink they sell is priced at no less than 10c per gramme of alcohol.

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Paddy Malone, chief executive of Dundalk Chambers of Commerce, believes the Irish government risks creating "mayhem". He predicted "illegal organisations" will take advantage of the situation to smuggle "cheap booze" into the Republic. He said: "I don't want a network that hasn't gone away involved in this.

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It's bad enough with cigarettes. He dismissed suggestions that only the cheapest of alcohol will be affected, saying once shoppers go from Dundalk to Newry they fill their basket with groceries. Two men jailed for breaking into parochial houses and robbing priests as part of a Northern Ireland-wide crime spree have failed in attempts to get their year sentences reduced.

While our relationship with our parents, children, friends, and neighbors all play their part as mirrors reflecting our flaws back to us, British novelist Jane Austen explores how romantic love and the sacrament of Holy Matrimony are designed to be graces that lead us to virtue.

Her novels hinge on the theme of self-knowledge for her protagonists and how it is achieved on the path of love, which in her novels is a journey leading either to pain or to marriage. Austen examines these themes in the context of walks in the park, proposals, picnic baskets, and the daily lives of people in Regency England, but her depth of insight is anything but ordinary. Darcy is the catalyst for her epiphany in Pride and Prejudice , and Mr. Austen shows that two flawed people can spur each other on toward virtue and that true love is that which leads both parties closer to holiness.

If the sacrament of marriage is designed to bring each spouse closer to heaven, Austen shows with brilliant nuance how relationships between men and women can achieve this, as well as how pairing up with a vicious person can lead to doom.

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Emma sees the world as she imagines it to be instead of seeing others as they really are, undervaluing the worthy and putting the mediocre on pedestals. She imagines her pretty, but brainless and flattering best friend, Harriet Smith, to be a catch of a bride for men who, above her in both rank and fortune, would not give the silly young woman a second glance. Men she judges to be above reproach are revealed to be small-souled and vindictive, or reckless and disingenuous, and the scrapes and missteps resulting from her poor judgement cause pain for Emma and those in her circle.

Readers love to hate Emma for her obliviousness, her pride, and her constant interference in the lives of others, but thankfully she is not doomed to drown in these vices. Honesty from a loving friend opens her eyes to her own folly and leads her to redemption.

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The whole novel hinges on one scene: a picnic at nearby Box Hill. During this outing Emma humiliates a kind, impecunious, and irritatingly chatty spinster, Miss Bates. Although her enjoyment of the day is pricked by her conscience, Emma does not face up to her misbehavior until her neighbor, Mr. How could you be so insolent in your wit to a woman of her character, age, and situation?

It was not so very bad. Her situation should secure your compassion. It was badly done, indeed! Emma must confront the truth that she has behaved abominably, not only in this one moment toward Miss Bates, but again and again by neglecting her faithful friends and treating them with condescension and ridicule. She has seen herself as the belle and benefactress of her small town, but has misjudged herself and the people around her reprehensibly. She was most forcibly struck.

The truth of his representation there was no denying. She felt it at her heart. How could she have been so brutal, so cruel to Miss Bates! Knightley says and immediately begins trying to make amends.

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And yet, although it pains him to speak the truth, he cannot leave her blind in her sin. To wed a virtuous man like Mr. A few years ago I saw the most poignant image of what marriage is designed to be. As I waited in line for Confession, an elderly woman at the front of the line held the arm of her unsteady husband and walked him to the door of the confessional before taking a seat to wait for him.

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  • What better picture of Holy Matrimony than leading your beloved to the grace waiting in the Sacrament of Reconciliation—in the confessional, where we must face ourselves as well as encounter Our Lord! Marriage calls us to love our spouse, not with a blind love, but with the kind of love that pushes each toward self-knowledge and the grace that accompanies acknowledging our sin and strengthening us in our path toward virtue.