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Learn the basics of Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting step-by-step and experience the amazing benefits and results. Healthy ketosis is not just about losing weight but much more beyond that - like reducing inflammation, high energy, improve cognitive function, improve overall mood, zero cravings and making the body work better.

It is based on a principle of "Getting healthy first, then lose the weight". Subscribe 2. What to Eat for Your Body Type.


The Healthiest Pizza in the World. Adrenal Body Type and Adrenal Hormones.

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Foods That Burn Fat. Adrenal Fatigue. See more. Consequences of a Fatty Liver that Might Surprise The Ketogenic Diet Women and Hormones. Eliminate Kidney Stones with Lemons. Understanding Net Carbs Ketogenic Diet. What Is a Ketone. What Type of Food Triggers Ketosis. Ketosis Basics. The Kale Shake Diet. Do it Around this time last year I weighed in at lbs, the heaviest I've ever put on a scale.


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To top it off, I had climbing cholesterol and triglyceride levels and was told I was then pre-diabetic and pre-hypertensive. A lot of things have changed in the past two years since my health and weight spiraled out of control, but grateful nonetheless for the support of my family and close friends that constantly encourage me to be the best me. Today I've lost a total 52lbs, gotten rid of my high cholesterol and triglycerides and am no longer pre-diabetic or pre-hypertensive.

I've learned how to be good to my body but most importantly be good to myself. I grew up in a Filipino household so that meant a lot of starchy foods and there was always leftovers, which I usually ended up finishing. From a young age I was really overweight until about college, where I changed my eating habits and became highly active, running and weight training. After college, the weight training and running had stopped, and I quickly found myself at after about a year of graduating.

I gained about 60lbs in that time frame, and my mental and physical health paid the price for it. During this time I had been following Dr. Berg's videos on the ketogenic lifestyle as well as intermittent fasting, but I was in denial about my weight so I didn't attempt any of it until last year when my doctor told me my health was in jeopardy. I am the other part of the story. I am 44yo and have lost 80 lbs since April I now help my friends, informally.

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All total, the 4 of us lost a combined lbs! Hi Dr. Berg, First off I'd to thank you for all that you do. Helping and educating people that want to better themselves in every way possible. I watch your videos everyday and I learn something new everyday.

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I share your videos to family and friends and they get blown away. I am humbly thankful and wish you were my actual family doctor. God bless you! Me and my success story and continuation goal. I am all natural with no synthetic use of steroids.

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All ketogenic and everyday training. From June to September I cleaned up my diet by not eating junk foods nor over eating and drink alcohol. I hear about the Ketogenic diet in July and started to study it.

Upon indepth research I decided to give it a go in September and I have been keto ever since. My training and dieting has been all on my own with the guide of your videos and another great resource's such as Primal Egde Health. I work in a supplement store where we sell supplements to support general health, bodybuilders and athletes.