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El Dragon - season 2 when ?

The elves and dragons banded together and exiled the humans to the western half of the continent, while the elves remained on the other half, known as Xadia. After the humans slew the Dragon King in a plot of revenge, a war between the kingdoms of the elves and the humans was imminent.

In an attempt for retribution, a group of elves set out to assassinate King Harold, one of the human kings, and his heir, Prince Ezran. Thus, an epic journey begins as this unlikely trio journey to return the egg to its mother before war ravages the lands of both kingdoms. The setting of The Dragon Prince is rich with history, purpose, and structure, quickly making any viewer invested in the world.

Similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender , each season here is named after one of the primal sources within the world of The Dragon Prince , which consists of the sky, the stars, the ocean, the earth, the sun, and the moon.

There are creatures that represent each element, like the sky dragons and the moon elves, who channel the primal sources to conjure magic and enhance their physical prowess. As the series progresses, you become more curious about the magic and the creatures you have yet to see and how they interact with each other, invoking your inner fantasy geek. The best part of The Dragon Prince is the diverse set of characters that represent not just the factions but other aspects of life. The inclusion of skin colors and disabilities is remarkable as there is dark skin representation amongst both the humans and the elves, LGBT relationships, and one of the best characters is a battle-hardened female warrior who communicates only through sign language.

'Dragon Prince' Season 4 release date might be at risk, ex-employee says

Rest assured, my own doubts were erased after binging Season 2 and then later Season 3 in one sitting. The animation has improved, story beats finally connected in a satisfying manner, and the promise of epic fantasy was delivered in the form of dragons and new variations of elves.

We are witnessing the next great fantasy series, one that will likely dominate cons, fanfics, and social media.

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