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While it is extremely competitive to be the next Jennifer Lawrence or Idris Elba, many production companies are on the hunt for extras. Beware as there are some rogue companies out there who charge you large sums to do a photoshoot and be on their books, but with little return.

Once you have signed up to a decent agency, make sure you have attached some clear and professional-looking photos to your profile. These will preferably in a range of looks, such as in formal wear, like a suit, or in a casual street look. Make sure you have provided all the necessary information such as height, weight and special abilities you have, such as horse riding or dancing.

And the good news is you can be old, young, able-bodied, have a disability and be from all walks of life. The standard workday in the film industry is 12 hours, so keep that in mind. Photos are the most important part of your submission. Great photos will help you catch the eye of the casting director and increase your chances of getting the part. Submit details like height, weight, clothing sizes, in an easy to read bullet list so they can quickly scan it. If the film industry is strong in your region, and you continuously submit for movie extra jobs, use great photos and follow all directions, you should eventually get your first role.

Once you land a role, the casting agency emails you information about the day of filming. All you have to do is show up to the place they tell you to go and bring what they ask you to bring.

The secret life of an extra: don’t talk, don’t eat and don’t go home till 2am

These signs direct you to parking. Once parked, you get on a shuttle and are bussed to the film location. Bring 2 forms of ID in case you need it. Some gigs I had to wear costumes and others, wore just my own clothes.

I was a gala attendee in a scene set in the s. I got to dress up in full-on George Washington style attire with the powdered wig and all! Once you get in costume, you may be sent to makeup for hair styling and make up if needed e. My first time as an extra was so exciting! I was a guest along with other extras in the funeral scene in Captain America Civil War.

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You might have to work out in the blazing heat or freezing cold and do it without complaint. The film crew may be condescending to you. You may also notice a big table loaded with food.

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  • The secret life of an extra: don’t talk, don’t eat and don’t go home till 2am.

Just the actors and film crew. The crew will snap at you if you get anywhere near the food speaking from experience. I had a great time doing a Civil War scene for Vampire Diaries. I got dressed up, and they sent us out in the woods for filming.

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When I got there, they gave me the role of a dead soldier. They killed me on the spot before filming took place!

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  6. I got to lay in comfort all day and just watch everything. One of my dead comrades fell asleep and started snoring loudly!

    How do I apply to be an extra?

    They rigged small explosions to go off throughout the set, and one of them exploded only 10 feet from me. The blasts were a concoction of dirt with chunks of brown foam, and I got showered with that stuff all day long. Years later, I still might have dirt in my ears from it! I also found it entertaining to be with the other extras.

    Some were like me and just having fun, but some thought they were on their way to Hollywood stardom and took things very seriously. When I did a scene for Sleepy Hollow as a s gala attendee, I learned a bit of dancing and performed with a dance partner in the scene. The dancing was easy; just hopping around like they did in the old days.

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    Sometimes you get lucky and earn a decent amount for your time! It can give you that extra edge to be a movie extra and maybe make a connection or two while on set. Nick here again: Sounds cool, huh? Once again, you can check Nathan out over at Millionaire Dojo , which focuses on practical personal finance advice that can be implemented immediately.

    Extra, extra! How to become an extra on TV

    Looking for more side job gigs? Check out these proven ideas you can start today! I would like to play a bad guy in some movies. I have strong interest in the acting field iam a active creative individual and looking to dip my foot in the water anywhere. I am very excited to become an extra in a movie!