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And champagne is waiting as usual. John had openly admitted to dating teenage girlfriends "nothing illegal" , and how he saw nothing wrong with that. It looks like the long and winding road of the John McAfee saga is going to continue for at least a little longer. Fearing officials in Belize, he escaped to Guatemala, who subsequently deported him to the United States. Most of the film is inaccurate or simply lies. See the hot photos here. Documentary about the bizarre and scandalous life of tech millionaire John McAfee - famed inventor of anti-virus software - who goes off the grid to live in Belize, building a compound and harem and becoming a drug lord.

In Tennessee. And he has advice for Intel, the company that bought the software firm which bore his name. Ask software kingpin John McAfee how he got his residency on the express route. Miller: Stephen talks with his political idol, future President of the United States John McAfee and insults one of his personal heroes, to give you an idea how well this podcast is starting off. John McAfee. A few years ago he sold everything in the United States with about 4 million dollars of his fortune remaining and bought 2 houses in Belize.

There's an opportunity to see something about human nature that you can't really see in a politer society, because the purpose of society is to mask ourselves from each other. Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee is reportedly wanted for murder in Belize after allegedly gunning down a U. John McAfee became known for developing the computer anti-virus company under his name McAfee, now owned by Intel. According to media reports, John McAfee had slipped back into a lifestyle of hallucinogenic drugs like crystal meth and bath salts that made him erratic, paranoid, and according to his neighbors, dangerous.

Personally, I admire John McAfee for his sense of adventure and his enthusiasm at identifying and taking on challenges. In a video posted to Twitter earlier this year, McAfee went into detail about his interest in firearms. This is an op-ed he wrote and gave us permission to run. Barring a successful last-minute appeal, he will be deported to Belize.

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In and , McAfee returned to the United States after several disputes with law enforcement in Belize and Guatemala. John McAfee, the founder of anti-virus software maker McAfee, has been arrested in Guatemala, accused of entering McAfee developed some of the earliest commercial antivirus software; the company bearing his name was later sold to Intel Corporation for an enormous sum.

The film was directed by Nanette Burstein and premiered on September 24, In , he lost to former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. John McAfee, the onetime chief of the security software company bearing his name and who has subsequently popped up in association with allegations of murder and rape in Belize, lying to the media U.