One Recipe: Fruit Tray with Dip

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If you are serving a fruit tray or platter, you could include these chocolate raspberries, or add them as a plate at the side. Some of My Favorites. Special Occasion Cake Stands. No More Burned Pie Crusts! Fresh Fruit Recipes. For simple instructions for how to make your own tray of fresh fruit, GO to Fruit Tray Recipes Need a fresh fruit platter for a crowd for a special occasion?

Subscribe to This Site. So, so good! AnneMarie It was just what it sounds like — a big pot of rice, cooked with raisins, and then my mom sprinkled in some cinnamon and probably sugar, or what kid on the planet would eat that? I think we poured in a little milk, too, and that was our dinner. Wow, that sounds bad, but I remember liking it. My parents must have been on a serious budget…. Micole My mom made the same thing!! Except I always remember her using the left over rice from our Chinese food the night before.

I grew up thinking that was what rice pudding was.

The Best Fruit Dip Ever - Layers of Happiness

Megan M. I thought we were the only family that did that! Cindy My mom made that too. I just had some leftover rice the other day and made it for my kids…. Ginny Channing Trisha Yep, this shizz is the bomb. Renee Those fruit sticks look delicious! I find the easier the recipe for some reason the tastier!

And not even just food remember clear Pepsi? Lori I still make corn flake chicken and love it even more now. Of course I have tweaked the basic recipe to make it my own. As far as the fruit dip goes…. I make it with both fluff and cream cheese but I also use cool whip in it. Much more lighter with cool whip and not as rich. Emily Man that looks delicious!! I remember eating some weird stuff, but I loved them at the time: scrambled eggs with chopped hot dogs actually pretty good.

Just thinking about that one makes my thighs shake. Rachel I am so making this fruit dip this weekend. Sam Stacey I wouldnt eat Pb again because I thought thats the way everyone made pb sandwiches. I did love eggs and hotdogs tho!

Iowa Girl Eats JennyV Sharon Elle My mom used to make us fruit dip for after school too! Except I think she used apricot jam instead of the orange juice. Tracy B. Holly We used to eat this fruit dip too! How had I possibly forgotten about it?

What Fruit do You Serve with Fruit Dip?

Carla Ashley Coffee Cake and Cardio My mom use to make us these triple layer jello cups and the thought of them just takes me back to being a kid. I definitely think IGE should make Jello this summer! Love it! My mother had her own version, too I have a feeling that every mom did — just marshmallow creme and strawberry cream cheese. Whitney My mom just emailed me this morning that she used to make this exact same dip using strawberry cream cheese and marshmallow fluff!

Jennifer Davis This sounds awesome! I have been looking for a fruit dip for my sons birthday party!

Strawberry Fluff Fruit Dip [+ Video]

This might seem silly, bc Im sure it gets devoured ebfore you get the chance to find out , but I was wondering if you knew how long it lasts in the fridge for? Kelli H Made in Sonoma I love fruit dips but never have them. Your pictures are seriously amazing! Maria W I try to be, though, while I was raising my five children. My kids liked hot dogs wrapped all the way up in canned biscuit dough instead of buns!

Strawberry Fluff Fruit Dip [+ Video]

Amber Busy, Bold, Blessed Britta Helgeson This sounds spectacular! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter…you name it! Thank you for the recipe This looks great.

Cheryl Williams This looks heavenly and I am definitely going to put this on the top of the recipe box! Becky Linda Chung-Ah Damn Delicious You should totally sell these babies and put Edible Arrangements out of business :. Villy For the love of Feeding Kristin Amanda at the red table I remember having something very similar to this as a kid, too. Only ours was always pink?? I love these kind of easy recipes from childhood :. Chelsea Chelsea Eats Treats Looks amazing!

I bet this would be great to bring to brunches and baby showers. Or just gobble up at home where no one can see me lick the bowl. Either way! I love fruit dip, but never had it with orange juice! It makes me think of my childhood! And my dad making breakfast! When I was growing up my dad would make Porcupine Meatballs.

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I loved them and still make them today because they are super simple and so good. My mom also made it with strawberry cream cheese and marshmallow fluff. Sally Sally Spins Lisa in Fort Worth I still make it. Rogers show and them eating a banana with a cheese slice wrapped around it.

It got him to eat and he loved it, I never tried it, too weird! He still eats it today I hear from his girl friend and he turned 31 yesterday! Kari Tiff Love Sweat and Beers There are always a bunch of kids who would just love this!

McKenzie Alysha Shesontherun BTW, my friend usually makes hers with strawberry cream cheese and cool whip. Still delicious. Leave a Comment. Did you make this recipe? Rate it! I'm a Midwestern wife and Mama, and after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in I began sharing delicious and approachable gluten-free recipes made with everyday, in-season ingredients. First Name. Bi-Weekly Daily. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.