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The latest version of Excel comes with many impressive new features that make your work faster and easier. Use the next two tips to get a taste of what Excel can do for you. Businesses use forecasts to set budgets and purchase supplies, but generating accurate data can present a challenge.

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Thankfully, Excel has a new feature that lets you create charts showing projections generated from time-based data stored in a spreadsheet. The function calculates the bounds of confidence and provides estimates for the margin of error using the Exponential Smoothing ETS algorithm. Use the following steps to create a forecast with your data:. Now that you have slashed the time you spend creating forecasts, you can focus on other parts of your business that require attention.

Have you ever needed to update a spreadsheet using data found online? If you have, you can end the tedious process of repeatedly navigating to a web page, copying the data and pasting it into Excel. Use a one-time process to bring up-to-date information from a web page and after that update your data by clicking your mouse.

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The process works well with correctly formatted HTML tables, but you can invest some time and effort to bring freeform data into your spreadsheet as well. Import Web data using the following steps:. Use this tactic rather than pasting the table directly into Excel, to update it conveniently without repetitive cut-and-paste processes.

You will find out you save much time and aggravation by letting Excel do the hard work for you. The Unpivot feature of Excel gives you the tool you need to transform your data from columns into paired values. The tools help you save time and improve accuracy by setting up a primary document that you can use to send or print the same type of material frequently. After extracting the data to your Office document, you can customize it for your particular purpose.

You now have your document available to send or print using information from the contact you have chosen. Create as many templates as needed to streamline your business processes. Businesses embrace software as a service because of the convenience and flexibility supplied by the cloud.

Office and other apps such as Google Apps and Salesforce provide powerful features at affordable prices. Businesses pay only for the services they use, so they can quickly scale their IT with demand. Meanwhile, employees can work remotely, using SaaS applications, opening the door to distributed work-forces and flexible work arrangements. When employees leave your company, you want to scale down your cloud-based services, but doing so causes you to lose access to the data stored in those user accounts. You also need data backups to protect against data loss from viruses and service errors.

Similarly, some companies have legal and regulatory requirements that call for them to retain backups of all their business-related information. Despite their appeal, cloud-based apps often lack the ability to backup and restore data. Users have accepted the risks involved with working without backups, but now they have some backup-as-a-service options available to them. Another service, Asigra was the first to backup Office data and has the distinction of backing up cloud data as well as data stored on local machines.

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Shop carefully for a backup-as-a-service provider to ensure that you get complete ownership of your backups and coverage that matches the requirements of your organization. In the future, apps such as Office might include built-in backup functions. Until then, however, you have the responsibility to take charge of your data. Regardless of whether you spent hours revising contracts or invested careful thought into marketing copy, you can lose everything by making a simple mistake such as deleting content. Such errors can cause much wasted time and inconvenience, but Office users who save their files on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business have a secret weapon.

They can revert to previous versions of their documents to reclaim their brilliant and creative thoughts and move on with their work. Word gives users like you the ability to view historical versions of all your files. To do this, follow a few simple steps:. You can also access a recycle bin at the lower left corner of the Web interface to recover deleted files. A web application can help keep your employees connected with their work, and connect your customers with the products and information they need.

You can build a custom app using an online Microsoft Access database that works through a web browser to make app development a simple process. Your app can improve the accessibility of your business data while allowing you to manage your app using the familiar Access interface. Create your web app using the following steps:.

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Access will now create an app for you based on your chosen template. The ease of which you can create, deploy and manage a web-based application using Microsoft Access might surprise you. Databases created with Microsoft Access use multiple tables that have defined relationships that make entering and retrieving data fast and efficient. For example, supposing that you create one table that contains contact information and another that includes the events and projects connected to each contact, you can create table relationships using the following steps:.

Table Selection. Create Relationships. Delete or Modify Relationships.

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Relationships in Access have several limitations. Firstly, you can only create relationships between tables in the same database. Also, you can create relationships between tables and queries if necessary.

http://patrick.burnsforce.com/wagax-mobile-number-locate.php Finally, you must define every relationship you build. Access will not automatically predict the type of relationships you should create. Navigation forms in Access simplify the process for end users to access reports and other forms, so people can use your database without knowing much about the application. The application includes multiple layouts to choose from that support various user needs. Use the following steps to build a Navigation form in Access You can change the name using a few steps:. Next, apply a theme to your database. Finally, make your new navigation form the default form for displaying data.

Do this in four simple steps:. Mail merge gives you an easy way to send personalized emails and newsletters to people on your contact list. You can use Publisher to do Mail Merge using one of two methods. Open Publisher to create an address list.

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Use Publisher to craft your email message. Choose a pre-designed Publisher template to quickly start a new publication. You will see the page when Publisher opens when you do not choose to open an existing file. If you cannot find a template you like, use the search box to find templates at the Microsoft Office website. Suppose you wanted to make a greeting card. You can also manage templates.

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  • You can also change templates. If you want to use a new Avery product, you can find the template for it online. Use the following steps to access Avery templates using Publisher:.

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    Blocks can include the following types of content:. Many professionals depend on Visio for their work. The software helps professionals create diagrams such as flowcharts and floor plans, but it also supports 3D objects and drawing. Within Visio, you can find a few regular 3D shapes. For example, there is a selection of diagram types including maps, networks and flowcharts.