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Writes to his famous uncle who sends him a sheath knife. Raggles: James's caregiver while his parents are in Dar es Salaam. Frame: former owner of Hazeley Hall. Had given James exclusive access to the bothy. James had stored his goods in there. She dies in her sleep at start of story. Merck: German. Mammoth build.

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Broad spatulate nose, curly hair, large lips. Close-cropped ginger hair, curly ginger beard, ginger hairs on the back of his fists. Speaks in a high squeaky voice. The new owner of Hazeley Hall. Sheelagh Smith: child, slightly younger than James. She lives at Hazeley Hall with Merck. Draws and sketches. Her mother Katherine Smith is in Holloway Prison doing a six-month stretch for shoplifting. James entices her with sketching materials to get inside Hazeley Hall Manor so that he can get his goods from the bothy.

Maureen Gubb Auntie Mo : Red-headed slattern.

Thin, beaky face and flabby neck. Merck's cook and housekeeper. Sheelagh Smith's caregiver. Drives an XK Jaguar. Complexion the colour of a half-ripe blackberry. Drinks gin. Wears dentures. Steals credit for James's investigative work. Audrey Wedderburn: Actress.

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Breeds Guard Dogs. Sells them to Merck. Assists Commander Sir Cuthbert Conningtower.


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Sheelagh sketches her at Hazeley Hall. James assumes that there may be more between them then stopping crime. James sees her late one night with Conningtower in his Jaguar. Once beautiful, now wrinkled, but still proud and noble, even when anxious. The Pride used to play in Hazeley Hall's ammunition dump.

They resent Merck fencing-in Hazeley Hall so they retaliate with guerilla warfare: put silver sand in petrol tanks, puncture tires with one-inch carpet nails, put water in the oil tank, attempt — but fail — to poison guard dogs. While there, James sees Merck in a police car and his men in military uniforms driving camouflaged Bedford trucks as they set out to steal the gold bullion.

Squirrel Joram: "Pride of Lions" member.

Comes from a family of poachers. Current King of the Pride after James went away for a year to prep school. Squirrel resents James returning, fears James will reclaim leadership of the Pride. James and Squirrel had been best of friends; they fall out over Sheelagh Smith.

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James realises that Squirrel poisoned Sheelagh's Alsatian puppy. Squirrel Joram tells James that Sheelagh is a "nit-ridden gyppo". They kick James out of the "Pride of Lions".

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Alfie Maws: Bobbie Maws' father. Publican "Lion and Unicorn". Gangly man with a raw face part-paralysed down one side. Suspects stolen gold bullion is at Hazeley Hall. The "Pride of Lions" hold their meetings in the "Lion and Unicorn". Nance Maws: Alfie Maws' wife. Bobbie Maws' mother. Won't let her husband contact police about theory Merck has stolen gold bullion at Hazeley Hall. Police have been snooping around their pub and troubling them for serving drinks after hours. Nobby Scales: Postman. Jack of all trades. Knows everybody's business. James Bond 's brother. Airline pilot.

Inherited Monkshill estate in Beacon Hill on the Kent-Sussex border from his own father three years prior. At story's end Hazeley Hall comes on the market again and Captain David Bond buys the stables, the walled garden and the bothy. Captain Bond shows a profit on the sale of Monkshill. Bond: James Bond Junior's mother. Her sister Penny is in the hospital so she and her husband David Bond fly to Dar es Salaam to look after Penny's kids.

Hignett, B. Manchester: Headmaster of the Secondary Modern. Face like dough with currants for eyes. Aspirates and drops his aitches. Sergeant Daintree: Constabulary.

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Avengers, assemble — and break a leg! Called Marvel Spotlight, the plays focus on such themes as responsibility, self-image and reacting to change.

Thor, Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel will be at the forefront of the inaugural set of plays, which will be offered for licensed performances and whose scripts will be available for retail purchase. Marvel is secretly Kamala Khan , a teenage Muslim girl living in Jersey City who often struggles with assimilation, her tradition-bound parents, completing homework and fighting for justice. Asare said her own roots helped her relate to the hero.