Testimonios de mobbing. El acoso laboral en México (Spanish Edition)

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In each period, the director was the main target to stop any change and the main attack strategy was mobbing. The internal disorder gave mobber gangs a lot of informal power, control of many processes and negotiating capacity. They were also unjust and corrupt; mobbing strategies masked these actions in a very effective way by assigning blame to somebody else.

The academic-administrative team was unaware at the time of the dynamics of mobbing as well as that the director was being mobbed. Despite this, she and her team resisted the mobber gang using various strategies. When mobbing targets are really on their own, they usually have little chance of success.

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In this case, the director was helped by the academic-administrative team, some professors, and some students who were repelled by unfair, dishonest, and malicious actions. These experiences can be used to illustrate several of the five ideal-type responses to mobbing. Neither the director nor others on the academic-administrative team opposing mobbing resigned: they continued their efforts in the face of attacks. The director and management team ignored some attacks, which is a type of acquiescence. They did this so they could concentrate on the most promising opportunities to resist.

This university belongs to a big national institute, which rules it. Members of the mobber gang had links with the authorities of the institute at the time. Despite this, the team filed formal complaints about the actions of the mobber gang, especially when they were unlawful. Every time regulations were violated, the institute authorities were asked to intervene but, in the few cases they took some action, it was to support the mobbers.

A tactic widely used in the university to expose "irregularities" is posting amplified letters on walls. In the case we are describing, the mobber gang often invented alleged irregularities. The academic-administrative team used the same method to "denounce" mobber gang lies. The academic-administrative team opposed the attacks using various methods such as exposing misrepresentation of facts in writing. In a Technical Council session a member of the mobber gang had a videocamera to film the session.

Every time the director spoke the camera was pointed at her; she openly "posed" confronting him in silence, spoiling their goal. A student used to point at her in the Technical Council sessions. She asked him loudly every time: "Don't be rude, stop pointing at me.

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The mobber gang organised an internal assembly calling on everybody to attend in an effort to force the director's resignation. Notices were posted on the school walls inviting everybody to the meeting. On the day of the assembly a spokesman a male administrator with tenure went to the office of the director to "invite her politely" to go to the assembly to talk to them.

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It was a trap, so she politely refused to go. Few of the school's members went to the meeting either.

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This was the organisational equivalent of a boycott, a standard method of nonviolent action. The management team at some point became aware that one of the mobber gang's main goals was using the team's time and diverting its attention. By doing this, important projects were going to stop and then the team was going to be accused of being inefficient. The core of the assertive response was to continue making improvements.

Despite the continued internal struggle, special budgets were obtained though strategic projects evaluated by third parties. The university, competing against 16 other projects, won the support of the Japanese embassy to purchase equipment for its laboratories; it also received special budgets from the Minister of Education for the intranet, among other successes. The Australian Vaccination Network AVN was set up in as a citizens' group concerned about the risks of vaccination and supporting parental choice in children's vaccination.

The AVN published a magazine, ran a website, put out media releases and sent emails to its members. The AVN's founder and key figure until , Meryl Dorey, regularly gave public talks and media interviews.


Its stated purpose was to shut down the AVN. SAVN is a network, coordinating its activities through a Facebook page. For the purposes here, one particular SAVN tactic warrants attention: abusive comments and images about Dorey on SAVN's Facebook page and on blogs, for example calling her a liar and making fun of her. The personal abuse of Dorey by some people involved with SAVN - not all do this - continued for years. In addition, Dorey received threats and pornography by post, phone and email.

Because of the threats, some speaking venues requested the AVN to hire security guards.

PDF Testimonios de mobbing. El acoso laboral en México (Spanish Edition)

SAVN participants deny that they have made any threats and disown the sending of pornography. The treatment of Dorey fits most of the usual criteria for mobbing: it was persistent, prolonged and degrading. There are some differences between public mobbing and intra-organisational mobbing, for example that the target of public mobbing is not subject to sanctions by an employer. For the purposes of examining nonviolent-action tactics, the advantage of looking at public mobbing is that more of the tactics and responses of the mobber gangs are in the public domain.

Dorey and other AVN members responded to abuse in various ways, illustrating all the options described earlier for dealing with mobbing. Some AVN members withdrew from any public engagement. Dorey continued to campaign in the face of ongoing abuse until , when she took a lower profile role. In some cases, Dorey ignored the abuse. This seems to have had little effect on its continuation. In some cases, she made formal complaints, for example to Facebook. This seems to have annoyed and provoked SAVN, generating greater activity.


However, SAVN set up a new page, continuing where it had left off. Months later, SAVN opened its original page to all viewers. Dorey's complaint thus had little impact on SAVN's behaviour. This seemed to provoke people in SAVN, causing an outpouring of complaint. Making personal comments about SAVN participants is analogous to using violence against superior violence: it often legitimises the violence by the more powerful side, and thus is counterproductive. This is an assertive sort of response: it exposes the abuse to a wider audience, with the potential to damage SAVN's credibility and to bring others into the struggle on her side.

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  7. Similarly, the sending of pornography has been disowned by SAVN. These self-restraint responses within SAVN followed exposure of their behaviours to wider audiences. It is unlikely that these would have occurred using the passive, official-channel or in-kind responses. In real life, there is confusion when a target is attacked by a mobber gang: seldom is it recognised properly.

    However, even when they identify what is happening, targets and bystanders often are paralysed, letting actions continue without open opposition. This gives gangs of mobbers clear advantages to continue their behaviours. In addition, in the mobbing literature, there is relatively little attention to strategies of resistance used by targets Lutgen-Sandvik, , is a notable exception. The usual assumption seems to be that solutions must come from above, either through human resources or union interventions, as well as education or through introduction of laws and other processes to handle complaints.

    These approaches can sometimes be effective, but given the frequency of mobbing and the serious damage it causes, it is useful to explore other approaches. The approach taken here is to draw on the extensive experiences and theoretical work about nonviolent action against repression to stimulate thinking about how to deal with mobbing. Nonviolent action can be characterised as action that goes beyond conventional politics but avoids violence against opponents, though opponents may and often do use violence against peaceful protesters.

    Given that nonviolent action has been the primary means used in many impressive challenges to repressive regimes, as well as the method of choice by numerous contemporary social movements, it seems worthwhile to try to translate the nonviolent action approach into the typical circumstances of mobbing. We outlined five ideal-type responses to mobbing, from the point of view of targets.

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    The assertive response is analogous to nonviolent action in the political sphere. By drawing on and creatively elaborating on the large repertoire of methods of nonviolent action, it is possible to think of numerous ways of responding to mobbing, many of which have received little attention in the literature.

    This has a direct parallel with people's experience with nonviolent action. In many situations in which populations have been oppressed, the main options have seemed to be escape, acquiescence, negotiation, or armed struggle. The option of nonviolent action may seem foolhardy: too risky in the face of the overwhelming capacity of the state to use violence against resisters.

    admin.apsitedown.com/evolutionary-computation-in-combinatorial-optimization-6th-european-conference.php The genius of nonviolent activists is to use the power of the state as a lever to generate greater support: with proper preparation, the odds can be increased that violence against peaceful protesters will stimulate greater opposition, namely be counterproductive for the attackers Sharp, In the case of mobbing, the challenge for targets is to select methods of resistance that put mobber gangs in a dilemma: if they ignore the resistance, their capacity to cause damage is thwarted; on the other hand, if they escalate their attack, this may be seen by observers as unfair and galvanise greater resistance.