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In Gaza you can eat your way through the riches of Palestinian history: kishik is a fermented wheat and dairy stew once made in Beit Tima, a Palestinian-Arab village depopulated during the Arab-Israeli war, and other farming communities. Richly spiced shrimp is from Jaffa. Lamb is roasted long and slow as the nomadic Naqab Bedouin have cooked it for centuries. The blisteringly hot tomato and dill salad is from Gaza itself. More than half are unemployed.

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To cope, local women say they buy cheap foods in small quantities, often with borrowed money, and cook it over firewood. Saad sends me a photo of her fridge: it is mostly empty, the few items on the shelves melting or rotting because of power outages. His salary has been cut but because he has a job his family receives no food aid. They live pay cheque to pay cheque, yet Saad considers her family is among the lucky ones.

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She plans the rare costly dish ingredient by ingredient, she says. This week she has makhshi koosa in her sights: fried magda squash stuffed with spiced ground beef and pine-nuts in a fresh tomato sauce. She will buy the vegetables, then wait until she has the money to buy a little beef.

The Seige - Everything's On Fire [Official Audio]

She makes them once or twice a year at most. It employs more than ten women, all the breadwinners of their families, to prepare meals for wealthier Gazans to buy. They specialise in local dishes: spiced, hand-rolled couscous, served with a stew of chickpeas and orange squash; kunafa arabiyya , a sweet pastry made elsewhere with cheese but in Gaza with walnuts.

As I listen to Joudeh, my mouth waters as I remember the flavours of a home I can no longer visit. Anytime you talk about issues that touch on religion of any kind, you can anticipate this kind of reaction. Should we only present every group as paragons and monoliths of virtue? The movie inspires to engender this kind of dialogue. I happen to come from the school that thinks that movies should not only make you uncomfortable, they might make you think.

I have a friend who says, if you've not offended somebody, you're a nobody. It gets the blood going. I think it's better than being universally ignored. In a culture where there seems to be so much to talk about, it's good to be talked about. In a September interview, screenwriter Lawrence Wright attributed the film's failure at the box office to Muslim and Arab protests at theaters playing the film, but also claimed that it was the most rented movie in America after the September 11 attacks.

The Siege of Paris

Scholar Alexandra Campbell quoted from former Guantanamo Bay detention camp captive Tarek Dergoul when she compared the fictional demonization and extrajudicial abuse of Muslims in the film and the abuse that Dergoul described in his first post-repatriation interview. On July 12, the magazine Mother Jones provided excerpts from the transcripts of a selection of the Guantanamo detainees.

Yunis Abdurrahman Shokuri was one of the detainees profiled. According to the article, his transcript contained the following comment:.

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When I first saw myself in Kandahar, it was like I was in a cinema or a movie. I saw a movie called The Siege.

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  • The movie was about terrorists carrying out terrorist attacks in the United States…. I was shocked, thinking, "Am I in that movie or on a stage in Hollywood? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Lynda Obst Edward Zwick. The Los Angeles Times. Retrieved Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved June 19, Chicago Sun-Times.

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