Two Lost Souls

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The man she was grinding against earlier instantly wraps his arms around her waist and Elijah idly thinks that he's glad his brother is not here to see this. Deciding that playing nice isn't getting him anywhere, he yanks on her arm and flashes them both out of the club, not caring about the humans who might see them. He's moving too fast for anyone to comprehend what's happening anyway, especially in the state they're all in. Once they're outside, he stops, releasing his grip on her wrist just as she starts struggling to get free.

She stumbles backwards and he instinctively reaches out to steady her but she jumps out of the way, glaring at him for the stunt he just pulled. He smelled it on her breath the instant he was close enough. Or you can come with me and avoid any unpleasantness. This leaves her speechless, and Elijah holds back a smile as he thinks that all hope is not lost for her. Clearly she's not immune to surprise, and surprise is an emotion, however much she may dislike it.

She thinks for a second. Her eyes suddenly widen as the realisation hits her and she shakes her head. Maybe I would have been able to do something a month ago, but now Elijah nods, glad that she's given up on pretending. She was terrible at it and it was a waste of time.

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Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery: Two Lost Souls

She freezes at the thought and fixes him with a murderous glare. She knows she's trapped. She knows there's nothing she can do about it.


And more importantly — she doesn't really care. She's bored anyway, and while she dislikes the idea of helping anyone, it might make for a good distraction, at least for a while. Plus it would mean Elijah would owe her, and having one of the most powerful beings on the planet indebted to you can't be all bad. If she ends up deciding that she's had enough, she'll just run away. Katherine managed to escape the original family for five centuries, she'll just take a page out of her book.

She gives a resolute nod and Elijah smiles at her once again, motioning for her to follow him.

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The next few days are going to be interesting. I'm trying my hand at something new here and I'm not sure I can handle it.

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I have absolutely no idea how to write an emotionless Caroline or Klaus for that matter. Plus, the few times I tried writing smut, I've made a point of using it as a means to an end usually emotional connection but with this story, that's probably not what sex is going to be about. Not sure I'll manage to get it right. Recommend Twitter. Related playlists. Most popular. Todos Pop Reggaeton Rock More. Snow Kina Beats Alocao part. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

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